CCC-1 Colour Corrector Controller

CCC-1 Colour Corrector Controller




The Broadcast Electronics CCC-1 is a unique device interfacing Sony Remote Control Panels (RCP) with Colour Correctors and Standards Converters including the AJA FS2, FS4, FS-HDR, Blackmagic Teranex range. Putting colour correction at the fingertips of vision engineers.

There are many situations where standards converters are used synchronise, scale and adjust the colour balance of a live video feed. The CCC-1 interface marries the familiar ergonomics of the RCP with the colour correction features of the colour corrector, enabling vision engineers to paint/shade any video source.



  • Adjustment of the overall gain, RGB levels, black pedestal, RGB gammas and pedestal levels, saturation and sharpness can be controlled from the RCP.
  • Support for broad range of Sony Remote Control Panels
  • IP ethernet connectivity between the CCC-1 interface and the Standards Converter.
  • Tally support on the RCP
  • Configuration via web browser
  • Support for AJA control API
  • Support for Blackmagic Teranex Ethernet Protocol
  • Intuitive control interface with OLED display indicating data communication and connectivity status



  • Colour correct, legalise and scale any video feed using the standards converter
  • Putting colour correction and the fingertips of the vision engineer with the ergonomics and familiarity of an RCP.
  • Instantaneous control of the colour corrector without the need to log in to web interfaces or have the device physically in front of the engineers monitoring position.
  • IP connectivity means the CCC-1 can be integrated into existing networks or simple connected to a Standards Converter using a CAT5 cable.
  • With integrated tally support the vision engineer will always know when the colour corrected pictures are cut to line.



The systems primary application is to provide live colour correction and standards conversion of any video feed. In sports broadcasting the system might be used to legalise, colour balance and scale a POV minicam to UHD. By using this system it opens up the possibility of using almost any camera. Even those that do not ordinarily support remote paint control such as high speed cameras, action cameras or DSLR cameras. Even camera feeds from smart phones.

In addition to colour correction of live cameras, the system can be used to provide live colour correction to incoming programs such that they can be subtly tweaked to match another programme. Particularly useful for news programmes.

A further application might be to tweak the colours of in-vision monitors and projection. Vision engineers can quickly make adjustments to these feeds to make them appear the correct colour through a camera.