Maxwell Camera Control





The Maxwell-Z24 and Z9 are wireless paint/shading telemetry control systems for Sony broadcast cameras, camcorders and digital cinema cameras allowing remote operation with OEM control panels. Operating on the 2.4GHz and 900MHz ISM bands respectively, these are ideal for a number of cable free applications in stadium and studio environments.



















  • Transparent operation with the OEM control protocols so all control features of the camera are supported and all feedback is relayed back to the control panel.
  • Worldwide license free operation.
  • Robust Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) radio technology allowing perfect operation alongside heavy WIFI use and no requirement for channel coordination.
  • Remote transceiver that can be connected to the control panel interface with up to 1000m of CAT5 cable and positioned for optimal RF coverage
  • Tally support on the camera and panel. Additional tally output connection available on camera interface.
  • Compact camera interface, small enough to be mounted directly to the camera.
  • 1U, half width, rack mountable control panel interface
  • Intuitive control panels on camera and control panel interface displaying system status



In a typical non-line-of-site live broadcast applications we would normally expect to get over 250m range. In the picture below we achieved perfect coverage throughout a building and surrounding car parks. And still had perfect control across the car park of a second building 210 meters away, through trees and the first building. In this case the Remote Modem was mounted on a 2 meter tripod and the Camera Interface mounted on a camera.










The Maxwell-Z24/9 are designed for use with wireless cameras including steadicam, handheld, remotely located hotheads, rail cams, etc. As the system offers full control and feedback there is no difference between the wireless and line cameras and therefore no compromise in production quality.