Cuelite Cue Control

Cuelite Camcorder Cue Control




This unique product enables control of built in cue lights on camcorders and connected viewfinders. Cuelite takes a mixer tally output and injects commands into the data path between a camcorder and control panel. This feature assists where camcorders are used in live, multi-camera production and removes the need for additional cue systems.

In addition Cuelite can be used to remotely control and monitor the on-board recorder of the camcorder. It can be used with system cameras without the need for a CCU to control the red cue light and green preview light. An external DC power input means that the control panel can be powered locally, making it possible to extend the data connection to the camera well beyond the manufacturers specification.





  • Control built in cue lights on camcorders and viewfinders
  • Remote control of record start-stop
  • Control red cue and green preview lights on system cameras
  • Takes common mixer tally signal including closed contact, open collector and positive volts.
  • Compact enclosure
  • Power from camera or by external DC supply
  • Locally power control panel and extend camera control cable up to 1000m using cat5 or XLR audio cable
  • Indicators on front of interface for data connectivity, tally signals and record status.
  • Record status in form of green cue light on supporting control panels.
  • USB connection for firmware upgrades


System Diagram



Supported Cameras and Control Panels


Supported Sony Cameras and Camcorders: PMW-300, PMW-500, PDW-700, HDW-750, PDW-F800, PMW-EX3, PMW-F55, HDC-P1, HDC-2500, HDC-1500. Supported Control Panels: RCP-750, RCP-920, RCP-1500, RM-B150, RM-B170.