CCU-1 Camera Control Unit

CCU-1 Camera Control Unit




The Broadcast Electronics Camera Control Unit (CCU-1) is a unique device interfacing Sony Remote Control Panels (RCP) with specialist cameras including Dreamchip, Marshall, IOI and Sony FCB miniature cameras. This device allows vision engineers to make detailed adjustments to the cameras using the control panel they are already familiar with.

Sports broadcasting in particular can rely heavily, sometimes exclusively on miniature cameras and image quality is a key consideration. The CCU-1 facilitates the detailed and familiar control by RCP in these critical applications. For applications where miniature cameras are used alongside Sony broadcast cameras the same control panel type can be used for all cameras.




Camera Picture Adjustments Controlled by RCP (Dream Chip Atom Cameras)

  • Iris (master gain), shutter, auto-iris (auto exposure)
  • individual RGB gain
  • Master pedestal, individual RGB pedestal and individual RGB flare compensation
  • Master gamma control, knee, white clip
  • Detail level
  • Multi matrix
  • Saturation



Camera Picture Adjustments Controlled by RCP (Marshall Cameras)

  • Iris (exposure), gain, shutter, auto-iris (auto exposure)
  • individual red and blue gain
  • Master pedestal
  • Gamma step
  • Detail level (sharpness)
  • Saturation


CCU-1 Features and Controls

  • Support for broad range of Sony Remote Control Panels
  • Multi-camera control from a single Sony RCP
  • Control camera format, HDR options and colour space
  • Tally support on the RCP
  • Intuitive control interface with OLED display indicating data communication and connectivity status
  • USB connection for firmware upgrades
  • RS485 serial data output to camera
  • 12V DC power input






  • Accurately control a broad range of colour adjustment using the familiar menus and ergonomics of a Sony RCP. Any engineer familiar with this panel can quickly and intuitively adjust miniature cameras too.
  • Multi-camera support so one RCP can be used to control up to five cameras. Efficient and cost-effective way to support more than one mini cam on a production
  • RS485 connectivity at a range of data rates allowing conversion and communication over IP or wireless transmission.
  • Most settings including formats can be set using the CCU-1 or the RCP. No need for a PC to configure the camera
  • With integrated tally support on the RCP the vision engineer will always know when the cameras are cut to line.
  • USB upgrade facility for supporting camera or control panel firmware updates and adding more camera types.





Specialist miniature cameras have a broad range of applications in sports, wildlife, concerts and reality TV. In a situation where it’s not practical to use a traditional broadcast camera it can almost always be achieved using a miniature camera.

Some of the biggest sports productions rely on miniature cameras to achieve unique shots in the middle of the action. Typical applications in sports broadcasting include athletics field events, on-board cameras for motor sport, in-goal cameras, referee or even player cameras and UAV mounted cameras.

Many reality TV shows use miniature cameras for subtlety as they can be hidden away. For concerts miniature cameras can be placed close to the performance without impeding the audience view. Whatever the application, the cameras have the ability to put the viewer closer to the action.