IP2 Camera Control Network Interface

IP2 Camera Control Network Interface




IP2 is a paint/shading system for broadcast cameras and camcorders facilitating remote control with OEM Remote Control Panels (RCP) over TCP/IP. Initially supporting Sony cameras and RCPs, the system can easily be integrated into your existing IP networks. Use this product to make a connection between an RCP and camera using a single CAT5 cable, a local area network, a wide area network such as the internet or even a wireless network over wifi.



  • Transparent operation with the Sony control protocols
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Tally support on the camera and panel
  • Compact camera interface, small enough to be mounted directly to the camera.
  • Compact Control Panel Interface
  • Configuration via web browser



IP2 can be used in many applications where there is a need to remotely control the paint features of a camera beyond the maximum supported cable length. This is particularly useful for controlling camcorders and other cameras that do not have CCU connectivity, including the latest UHD/4K and large sensor camcorders. Additionally, where secure wide area networks (WAN) can be used to provide an IP connection cameras can be controlled over this network from just about anywhere. And all with full control and feedback meaning there is no compromise in production quality. Perfect for remote production applications.





Available Q1 2018. Please contact us for more information and updates.