Sony HXC-P70 Wireless Control

Dec 21st


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Sony HXC-P70 Wireless Control

The HXC-P70 is a point-of-view “POV” camera developed for a wide range of applications. Similar to the HDC-P1, but with higher sensitivity in addition to its compact size, light weight and lower power consumption. This camera does away with handles and viewfinders making it the perfect camera head for Steadicam operation on live TV. The HXC-P70 adopts the same three 2.2-million pixels 2/3-inch type CMOS sensors as used on Sony high end camera such as the HXC-D70 and delivers high sensitivity of F12 at 59.94Hz or F13 at 50Hz. In addition, the camera uses an electrical CC filter alongside a servo motorized optical ND filter.

The Maxwell z24 system supports wireless control over the HXC-P70 camera using Sony control panels including the RCP-1500. It has been tried and tested on live shows alongside this camera. Bidirectional control means that all features can be controlled and camera parameters viewed in real time. Why settle for anything less than full control? There are no licensing requirements for the radio operation as it utilises robust Frequency Hopping technology in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Red and Green Tally signals are supported on the camera and the control panel as standard.

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