Sony PMW-F55 Wireless Camera Control Solution

May 28th


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Sony PMW-F55 Wireless Camera Control Solution

Broadcast Electronics are pleased to announce full wireless paint control of the Sony PMW-F55 4K camera using Maxwell z24 wireless camera control system. Supporting Sony control panels, all features are supported so it operates just like a wired camera. These include white balance, shutter, iris, black level, etc. As with all Maxwell systems, manufacturer tally indicators are supported in the viewfinder and on the camera, and on the control panel.

The ability to control the camera wirelessly in live production environments means that it can be used with wireless video links for Steadicam,  hand-held and other situations where its not possible to run cables. Whether recording on board or using the F55 for a large sensor ‘look’ in HD, full control means there is no compromise in production quality.



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